Joanna Lunin | Houston
LPC Rate: $150

One of the amazing aspects of being human, is our ability to create meaning. As we go about our lives, we write a story, connecting the dots of our lives experiences.

As your counselor, my role is to bring these themes and narratives to the light. Together, we can examine and reflect on your life story with curiosity and compassion. 

My hope for all my clients is for them to make peace with their past, experience healing in the present, and find hope and resolve for the future they long to create. 

As a former Registered Nurse, my counseling is  trauma-informed, and I strive to help my clients connect the meaning of their life story to the learned physical responses of their body. When we are rooted in what is true in our mind, body, and spirit, the future we long for becomes the life we live.

Additional trainings:
EMDR Trained Clinician