Our Team

  • Amanda Miller | Boerne

    Masters Level Graduate Student

    It’s true - life is hard. It is full of heartache, disappointments, pain, and challenges.

  • Angela Martinez | Houston


    Life is a journey. As you travel, you somethings stumble and fall. You lose motivation to get up and keep on Traveling. Or you might feel like you are wandering without a direction and feel lost.

  • Ann Marie Denson | Houston


    Waves are beautiful and complex—some are big and and break with a roar, some are unknown while the current stirs beneath the surface, and some linger as ripples seemingly forever. Much like waves, our stories have layers. 

  • Annie Petroshus | Houston

    Masters Level Graduate Student

    In life's unpredictable journey, we all encounter moments of feeling stuck, alone, and out of control. As a counselor, my goal is to walk beside you and cultivate a genuine alliance where growth can occur. Together, we'll co-create a sanctuary where you can openly navigate the challenges of life and heal from the wounds that have left you feeling broken. In this space of acceptance, we can shed the weight of judgment and explore the depths of your experiences, allowing for empowering choices that propel you forward. Beyond the pain lies a realm of hope and profound peace. Let's embark on a journey toward the flourishing person you are meant to become.

  • Dani Kazlow | College Station


    While pain might be unavoidable, our lives don’t have to be hopeless. My goal in counseling is to walk with you through the pain and discover a life worth living. Let’s laugh, cry, and journey together.

  • Elizabeth Wilmot | Houston


    To be fully known and deeply loved is something we all desire; however, our deepest desires are often also our deepest fears. It’s scary to face the possibility of rejection, shame, or pain from others let alone admitting there is a fear in being vulnerable. In my role as your therapist, I would love to step into that space with you to allow you to understand who you are by unpacking your identity and purpose.

  • Hannah Jackman | Houston


    Hardships and suffering are expected in life but enduring them alone is not. It would be a privilege to walk alongside you as we navigate life’s uncertainties. My goal is to help you find the strength within yourself to overcome adversity.

  • Heather Lewis | College Station

    Masters Level Graduate Student

    Life is difficult. At times, we can feel stuck in our pain, our exhaustion, and our relationships. Counseling provides a place for us to sort through our experiences and untangle our emotions.

  • Jeff Brown | Houston


    I am equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide you through the process of understanding your circumstances and establishing a clear path towards overcoming obstacles and fostering your personal growth.

  • Jessie Hull | Boerne


    Hi. My name is Jessie, and I like helping folks learn how to feel their feelings, improve decision making, and take some risks. I find that wisdom comes from the integration of logic and emotion, and that we only really change when we trust that we’re safe and we’re loved. It’s my joy to navigate that change with my clients, together. 

  • Joanna Lunin | Houston


    One of the amazing aspects of being human, is our ability to create meaning. As we go about our lives, we write a story, connecting the dots of our lives experiences.

  • Josh Berger | Houston

    Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor, CEO

    Life is full of storms. The ebbs and flows they bring can leave you feeling pulled under by the currents of your circumstance. My role as a counselor is a grounding one: to equip and enable you to find peace amidst the chaos. Together we pursue truth and beauty and lasting freedom.

  • Julia Lowrey | College Station

    Masters Level Graduate Student

    While everyone goes through challenges, you don’t have to walk through these challenges alone. Sometimes it helps to have an ear to make us feel seen and heard, and who can experience our emotions with us.

  • Kaitlyn Criddle

    Director of Operations

    My hope is to make sure every client feels comfortable and safe from their initial interaction with Rivers Edge +Wellness. As an office, we desire to offer some solace from the outside world. I will be there to help navigate the details with you as well as helping find you the therapist best suited for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, I will take care of you the best of my ability.

  • Kaity Garcia | Boerne


    The thought of therapy can be new, scary, exciting, intimidating, relieving - whatever you might be feeling I am so glad you are here! My hope is that when you step into my office you feel safe, valued, and heard. 

  • Katelyn Sullins | Boerne


    "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." Antoine de Saint Exupéry We are creatures meant to dream

  • Kathleen Smith | Houston


    Do you feel stuck in old ways of thinking? Overwhelmed in your mind and not sure how to break free? In your past, you may have had to be the one to 'push through' difficult situations, even in childhood. You may have had to grow up fast, 'be self-sufficient' as a child, or be a 'parent' to your own parents or siblings

  • Mason Law | Houston

    Masters Level Graduate Student

    Your emotions, problems, and feelings are real, and this is a space where we can work through all of these together. As your counselor, I provide a solid foundation for you to be your authentic self. Let's confront challenges head-on, fostering strength, and resilience while focusing on your genuine growth and well-being.

  • Megan Townson | Houston


    Life is a journey with peaks and valleys, unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes with what seems like no path forward at all.  We can find ourselves feeling lost, confused, broken, and powerless to find our way and move forward. 

  • Mike Maddry | Boerne


    With the many extraordinary questions and challenges life has for each of us, I believe the counseling process can be an effective step toward hopeful change. It is a privilege to serve as a guide through the process of restoring healthy love and trust within your own individual identity and relationships.

  • Sarah McAvey

    Administrative Assistant

    I am here to connect you with the quality care and comfort that our kindhearted counselors excel at providing. I am the warm voice to greet you over the phone and the smiling face you see when you enter the building. I strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of care and respect to create a safe space that fosters healing and personal growth. If you ever have any questions or concerns, I will be here and happy to help however I can!

  • Thomas De La Garza | College Station


    Life is a journey. Sometimes we get tired, hurt, or lost along the way. What we need most in those times is somebody to walk with us while we find our way. My goal as a counselor is to journey with you, helping you find your way towards hope, healing, and growth. I am a Masters Level Graduate Student supervised by Tyler Sullins, LPC-S.

  • Todd Parish | Houston

    LPC, Director of Therapy

    We all get lost sometimes. The unforeseen bend in the road can leave us feeling uncertain and alone. My role as a counselor is to come alongside you as a fellow traveler—to create a safe place for you to explore, find healing and become the flourishing person you are meant to be.

  • Tyler Sullins | Boerne

    COO, LPC-Supervisor

    I don’t think people are meant to journey alone so I’d love to meet you and talk through whatever hurts, habits or hang ups that may have stalled you or your relationship out and maybe even figure out how to not only survive the journey but thrive along the way! 

  • Wayne Edwards | Houston


    Each one of us is unique and has an important place in this life. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all profoundly connected. Awareness is a crucial part in the healing process. My goal is to walk collaboratively with you without judgment and assist you with gaining insight into current thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. With this in mind, the hope for optimal mental, emotional, and behavioral functioning is attainable.