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The golden picture of selfless love and sacrifice

We are wired for relationships, every one of us. A part of that means we want to know, to be known and to be loved just as we are - baggage and all. Yet as much as we sometimes hope for our relationship with our significant other to be this golden picture of selfless love and sacrifice, reality can set in when “they (we) aren’t perfect.” We may find ourselves wondering along the way if maybe our “I do” was a little premature, ill-timed or maybe even unwarranted. You can feel the cold settling into the room, the lights go out, it’s over.

Maybe the “I do’s” still ring true, but your season of life has you feeling unprepared or under equipped to deal with the change. You might have thought you were “totally fine” pushing your past hurts further into the past, but for whatever reason, they keep catching back up to you, and you can no longer function with those same rules that worked before.

Rivers Edge counselors generally meet a couple at some point along the way. Whether it’s preventative care in one of our premarital counseling sessions or down the road after some time has passed, we get to enter into your story. Our counselors are relatable and approachable, seasoned in their own right. We are real people, intentionally trained in caring for and attending to your and your spouse’s needs.

When you walk into one of our offices you can expect to be met with understanding, compassion, and the utmost respect. Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs…” We believe it is a daring feat to pursue intimacy with another, and applaud all who would be so bold as to face themselves and their struggle. We would be honored for you to do so alongside one of us, here at Rivers Edge.

We use a wide range of evidence based practices and modalities including but not limited to: the Gottman Method, EFT, Restoration Therapy, and spiritual truths. Whatever struggle you face, and wherever you find yourself in the arena, we’d love to hear from you. Call or email us to book your appointment or consultation.

Meet Our Team

  • Annie Petroshus | Houston

    Masters Level Graduate Student

    In life’s unpredictable journey, we all encounter moments of feeling stuck, alone, and out of control. As a counselor, my goal is to walk beside you and cultivate a genuine alliance where growth can occur. Together, we’ll co-create a sanctuary where you can openly navigate the challenges of life and heal from the wounds that have left you feeling broken. In this space of acceptance, we can shed the weight of judgment and explore the depths of your experiences, allowing for empowering choices that propel you forward. Beyond the pain lies a realm of hope and profound peace. Let’s embark on a journey toward the flourishing person you are meant to become.

  • Mason Law | Houston

    Masters Level Graduate Student

    Your emotions, problems, and feelings are real, and this is a space where we can work through all of these together. As your counselor, I provide a solid foundation for you to be your authentic self. Let’s confront challenges head-on, fostering strength, and resilience while focusing on your genuine growth and well-being.

  • Amanda Miller | Boerne

    Masters Level Graduate Student

    It’s true – life is hard. It is full of heartache, disappointments, pain, and challenges.

  • Julia Lowrey | College Station

    Masters Level Graduate Student

    While everyone goes through challenges, you don’t have to walk through these challenges alone. Sometimes it helps to have an ear to make us feel seen and heard, and who can experience our emotions with us.