The therapy process at Rivers Edge is uniquely tailored for you. Your counselor will join you in figuring out where to go first and serve as a helpful resource in getting the most out of therapy along the way. Whether you’re looking for short term guidance or trying to sort through quite a bit, our counselors can help. A quick FYI, we use the word therapy and counseling interchangeably most of the time so if you see it or hear it just know we’re talking about the same thing.

Every person’s story matters and deserves to be heard by someone who cares. We see therapy as an excellent avenue for growth and wellness for anyone. Therapy moves from optional to necessary though when footing is lost and you are sinking into depression or spiraling into uncontrollable anxiety. We’d love to help!

We have a wide variety of therapists at various price points to help you find the right fit for you and your finances. You can see each of our exceptional team members here. Each of our team also offers virtual therapy options, so even if you can’t find the right costs on your local team as well. We accept all major credit cards, cash, check and most health savings account (HSA) cards.

We do not currently accept any insurance. We will happily provide a superbill to you for submission to your insurance company so that you can be directly reimbursed from your provider. If you are interested in a sliding scale please contact our office for an application.

Each counseling session will last about 50 minutes. The number of sessions differs as widely as people differ from one another. You are in the driver seat in this process though. Whether you come for a few sessions or decide that counseling is an important part of your personal wellbeing, we’d love to journey with you as you answer that question. Many clients, though, find that a number is helpful as they think through their priorities. We have found over the years that clients who complete 6 sessions have been able to dive into their situations well and grasped an understanding of what has contributed to their circumstances and developed a plan for what healing looks like moving forward.

A Masters Level Graduate Student has been trained in all aspects required by the state board. Each state differs slightly but generally requires about 60 hours or 2 full years of education and practicum experience before seeing clients. An LPC-Associate has finished their work as a masters level graduate student and gone on to be licensed by their state board with their completed masters degree. An LPC-Associate is required to have weekly supervision meetings with a board approved supervisor for 3000 hours.

You can call or email our front office to get your first session scheduled with a therapist who fits your schedule and needs.

Our administrative staff would love to help serve you in this process and answer any preliminary questions you may have. Give our office a call or shoot us an email. We can help you!

Because we have several locations and many therapists at these locations, we offer a wide variety of availability usually during the weekdays during the morning, afternoon and evening.

Thank You for Contacting Us

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